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Body Parts in Spanish

L et's learn the body parts in Spanish.

body parts in Spanish

The easiest way to learn the parts of the body in Spanish is by dividing the body into its main 3 parts:

  • Head (La cabeza),
  • Torso (El tronco), and
  • Limbs (Las extremidades).
  • The drawing above has several legends.

    I'll go through them one by one, and include audio playable buttons to help you with the pronunciation.

    The Head and Face in Spanish

    El hombre tiene una cabeza.

    The man has a head.

    head in Spanish

    En la cabeza están la cara, el pelo o cabello, y las orejas.

    On his head he has a face, hair, and ears.

    Note: Pelo y cabello are used as synonimous in Spanish.

    However, cabello is the correct word, as pelo is actually the word for body hair, or anymal fur.

    En la cara, el hombre tiene los ojos, la nariz, la boca.

    On the face, the man has eyes, a nose, and a mouth.

    parts of the face in Spanish

    El hombre tiene dos ojos.

    The man has 2 eyes.

    El hombre tiene una nariz.

    The man has a nose.

    El hombre tiene dos orejas y dos oídos.

    The man has two ears.

    The words orejas and oídos can be used interchangeably. But, stricktly speaking, orejas means " ears", and oídos means "ear holes". In general speech, both words mean approximately the same.

    El hombre tiene una boca.

    The man has a mouth.

    Tongue in Spanish

    En su boca tiene dos labios, dientes y una lengua.

    The man has two lips, teeth and a tongue in his mouth.

    The Torso and Limbs in Spanish

    The neck in Spanish

    La cabeza se une al resto del cuerpo con el cuello.

    The heads joins the rest of the body through the neck.

    Bajo el cuello esta el tronco.

    Below the neck there is the torso.

    El frente del tronco tiene el pecho y el abdomen ó estómago.

    The front of the torso has the chest and the abdomen or stomach.

    En la parte trasera del tronco esta la espalda.

    The back is at the rear side of the torso.

    The torso in Spanish

    El hombre tiene dos brazos.

    The man has two arms.

    El hombre tiene dos manos.

    The man has two hands.

    El hombre tiene dos piernas y dos pies.

    The man has two legs and two feet

    I will include an advanced page on body parts in Spanish very soon. Watch this space.

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