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Colors in Spanish (Los Colores en Español)

Colors in Spanish are easy to learn.

Colors in Spanish

There are plenty of color names to learn, and I must confess that even as a native speaker, I do not know all of them.

But you don't need to know them all.

You only need to learn the basic colors, and then you can make yourself understood by combining them with the words "claro" (light), "obscuro" (also spelled "obscuro", which means dark), and "entre" (which means "between", as in between a color and another).

For starters, check out the following table with primary and secondary colors in Spanish.

The names are followed by a sound player button.

Remember, in some browsers you have to press the play button twice for the sound to play.

Table of Colors in Spanish with Pronunciation

Name of Color in Spanish Pronunciation Name of Color in English
Negro(a) Black
Blanco(a) White
Rojo(a) Red
Azul Blue
Amarillo(a) Yellow
Verde Green
Naranja o Anaranjado(a) Orange
Café Brown
Gris Grey
Rosa o Rosado(a) Pink
Morado(a) Purple

Keep in mind that the names of colors are often used as "adjectives", that is words that qualify or describe nouns.

In Spanish, colors normally go after the noun. So, if in English you say "a black cat" (the color before the noun), in Spanish you say "un gato negro".

Similarly to most adjectives in Spanish, colors also follow the noun in gender (male or female), and number (one or more).

Click here for more information on what adjectives are, and how to use them in Spanish: Adjectives in Spanish.

What Color is...? (¿De qué color es...?)

This short drill is designed to learn how to ask what color is something in Spanish, and how to answer to that question.

Press the play button (twice in some browsers), and read along the question and the answer.

Red Apple in Spanish

De qué color es la manzana? (What color is the apple?)

La manzana es roja. (The apple is red)

Pink Rose in Spanish

De qué color es la rosa? (What color is the rose?)

La rosa es rosada. (The rose is pink)

Yellow Sun in Spanish

De qué color es el sol? (What color is the sun?)

El sol es amarillo. (The sun is yellow)

Blue Sea in Spanish

De qué color es el mar? (What color is the sea?)

El mar es azul. (The sea is blue)

Orange in Spanish

De qué color es la naranja? (What color is the orange?)

La naranja es anaranjada. (The orange is orange color)

Brown Table in Spanish

De qué color es la mesa? (What color is the table?)

La mesa es color café. (The table is brown)

Purple Beetroot in Spanish

De qué color es la remolacha? (What color is the beetroot?)

La remolacha es morada. (The beetroot is purple)

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