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Food in Spanish:

Ordering food in Spanish is not very difficult. But the type of meals you are likely to find will vary from place to place.

Not all Spanish speaking countries eat tacos and beans, you know!

But building an exhaustive list of food names for every region would be too difficult.

That's why this page only focuses on food names and meals common to most Spanish speaking regions.

The Main Meals in Spanish

There are 3 main meals in Spanish:

El Desayuno
El Almuerzo
La Cena

Breakfast in Spansih

Breakfast in Spanish

Breakfast in Spanish is (el) desayuno.

The verb is desayunar.

Yo desayuno

Tu desayunas

Vos desayunás

Usted desayuna

El/Ella desayuna

Nosotros desayunamos

Ustedes desayunan

Vosotros desayunaís

Ellos/ellas desayunan.

Common Breakfast Foods in Spanish

Una Naranja
El Jugo de Naranja
Orange Juice in Spanish Orange Juice
Huevos Fritos
Fried Eggs in Spanish Fried Eggs
Huevos Tibios
Boild Eggs in Spanish Boiled Eggs
Una tostada, pan tostado
Toast (bread) in Spanish Toast
R5C1 Butter in Spanish Butter
Jamón y tocino
Ham and Bacon in Spanish Ham and Bacon
el/un Café Coffee in Spanish Coffee
La leche Milk in Spanish Milk
R9C1 Sugar R9C3

Lunch in Spansih

Lunch in Spanish

Lunch in Spanish is (el) almuerzo.

The verb is almorzar.

Yo almuerzo

Tu almuerzas

Vos almuerzás

Usted almuerza

El/Ella almuerza

Nosotros almuerzamos

Ustedes almuerzan

Vosotros almuerzaís

Ellos/ellas almuerzan.

Common Lunch Foods in Spanish

Chicken in Spanish Chicken
Fish in Spanish Fish
Emparedado, Sandwich
Sandwich in Spanish Sandwich
Ensalada Salad in Spanish Salad
Papas fritas, patatas fritas
Fries in Spanish Fries/Chips

Dinner in Spansih

Dinner in Spanish

Dinner in Spanish is (la) cena.

The verb is cenar.

Yo ceno

Tu cenas

Vos cenás

Usted cena

El/Ella cena

Nosotros cenamos

Ustedes cenan

Vosotros cenáis

Ellos/ellas cenan.

Common Dinner Food in Spanish

Chuletas Lamb Chops in Spanish Lamb Chops
Soup in Spanish Soup
Vegetables in Spanish Vegetables, veggies
Fruta (postre)
Fruit in Spanish Fruit (dessert)
Filete, Biftec, bistec, bisté
Steak in Spanish Steak
Helado, Mantecado, Sorbete (Postre) Ice Cream in Spanish Ice Cream (Dessert)

Soon, I'll include a useful Spanish phrases dealing with food. Stay tuned!

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