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Say Hello in Spanish: Drills

You've learned to say hello in Spanish, and other types of Spanish greetings in the main page already.

Now I have some drills for you. You didn't think the Spanish phrases in the previous page were all there was, did you?

Click on the play button above to listen to my instructions if you have not done so already. Other than that, here are the drill sentences.... Enjoy!

Spanish Phrase English Equivalent
Buenos dias
Good morning
Buenos dias señor
Good morning, sir.
Buenos tardes, señora
Good afternoon, ma'am
Buenas noches, señorita
Good evening, miss.
¿Cómo está Usted?
How are you? (Polite way)
Estoy bien, gracias. ¿Y Ud.?
I am fine, thanks. And how are you?
Muy bien, gracias.
I'm very well, thanks.
¡Hola! ¿Qué tal?
Hi, how are you?
¿Cómo le va?
How's it going?
Bien, gracias.
Fine, thanks.

So, there you go. Not only you know now how to say hello, but you have also learned other types of Spanish greetings suitable for different times of the day (and night).

You also know now how to say "how are you" in Spanish, and how to reply that you're fine.

Gee weez! You've learnt a lot today!

Stay tuned for more Spanish language drills (book mark this site or tell your mates about it!).

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