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Prepositional Pronouns in Spanish!

How do you use prepositional pronouns in Spanish? More importantly, what are they?

As you may recall, pronouns are the words in a sentence that often substitute the subject of that sentence. Pronouns replace nouns of persons or things previously mentioned in a sentence.

Check out the page on Spanish Pronouns if you need to refresh your memory.

Prepositional pronouns in Spanish appear as objects of prepositions.

Example: In the following sentence:

Yo recibí una postal de mi tía = I received a greeting card from my aunt.

... a sentence including a prepositional pronoun would be:

Yo recibí una carta de ella

Get it?

The words de ella are the prepositional pronoun in the sentence, as they assume that the subject (I) has already talked about the aunt (de ella).

There are other rules to keep in mind when using prepositional pronouns in Spanish: Except for , use subject pronouns as objects of propositions:

El libro es para mí. = The book is for me.

La carta es para usted (para él, para ella, para nosotros, para ustedes, para ellos, para ellas) = The letter is for you, etc.

Ellos hablan de nosotros. = They are speaking about us.

"With me" becomes conmigo, like this: Ella va conmigo = She is going with me.

Furthermore, all nouns in Spanish are either masculine or feminine. When the object pronoun "it", or its plural "them" is used after a preposition, determine the gender of the noun to which "it" or "them" refers and then translate:

¿Ha visto usted mi bolígrafo, maria? - Sí, estoy escribiendo con él. (Have you seen my ballpen, Maria? - Yes, I'm writing with it).

Another example:

¿Cuánto pagó usted por los boletos? - Pagué cuarenta y cinco dolares por ellos (How much did you pay for the tickets? - I paid forty five dollars.)

When "it" is used after a preposition to refer to an idea or statement, use "ello" in Spanish, like this:

Hablamos de ello cuando ud. entró= (We were talking about it when you came in).

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