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Do you need to quickly find out the meaning of a word?

Try this one:

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To use the above dictionary, select the translation direction button (Spanish to English or English to Spanish), enter the word in the box, and click the button next to it.

If a Spanish word you want to translate has a special character, click on the button with that character when typing the word in the box. It's that simple!

Additional Online Spanish Dictionaries:
Spanish to English, and English to Spanish

If you can't find the word you're looking for in that Spanish dictionary, you may try your luck in these other dictionaries I've included for you.

They are a bit more rudimentary, in that they consist of a words grouped in alphabetical order.

These 2 dictionaries are "dynamic" in that I'll be adding more and more words as time passes by.

Here you have:

... free of charge. (A new page will open when you click on the above links.)

Click on the above links for the Spanish dictionary you want to use, and follow the instructions once you get to that page.

Advanced Spanish Dictionaries

These links are for advanced students of Spanish. They are Spanish-Spanish Dictionaries:

  • Diccionario de la Real Academia Española: This is the official dictionary of the Royal Academy of Spanish, and it contains not only your usual dictionary (with definitions), but it also has a dictionary of "doubtful" usage (as in when you have a doubt on how to use a word).
  • Diccionario de Sinonimos y Antonimos: This is a Spanish-Spanish dictionary of synonims (words with similar meanings) and antonyms (words with the opposite meaning).

Looking for other types of dictionary?

Check out the reviews below.

Guide to Spanish Dictionaries

Hardcopy Spanish Dictionary

Hardcopy Dictionaries: This is a review of the best hardbound and paperback Spanish Dictionaries available (Spanish-Spanish, English-Spanish [and vice-versa], medical Spanish, business Spanish, etc.
Spanish Electronic Dictionaries

Electronic Dictionaries: Which one is the right one for you? What features and prices are available out there? Where can you get one from? Find out in this mini-guide.
Audiovisual Spanish Dictionary

Audiovisual Dictionaries: Is your learning style audiovisual? Do you learn better when you see it and hear it? If that's the case, you're likely to learn much quicker by using multimedia dictionaries. What's out there? Click here to find out.
Spanish Dictinoaries For Children

Dictionaries For Children: And last, but not least, I've included a mini guide on dictionaries for children who want to learn to speak Spanish (or whose parents want them to learn Spanish... for whatever reason!).


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